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A Guide to Female Hormones and Your Health

Hormone imbalance conditions that often accompany the stages of menopause are a predictable part of aging. Fortunately, today women have options to alleviate many of these symptoms that can diminish your quality of life and your health.

Balanced hormones provide greater vitality and well-being at almost any age. Check out our e-book for more information on how hormone replacement therapy can affect your health.

Title: A Guide to Female Hormones and Your Health

Chapter 1 – Introduction to Hormonal Imbalance

Chapter 2 – Understanding the Stages of Female Hormones

  • Pre-Menopause / The PMS Years
  • Peri- Menopause / The Yo-Yo Years
  • Menopause – Post Menopause / The End of Periods
  • List of Common Hormone Imbalances

Chapter 3 – Why Bioidentical Hormones are the Preferred Natural HRT Choice

  • Pellet Therapy

Chapter 4 – Consider These Steps to Find a “Natural Balance”

Chapter 6 – Next Steps

Chapter 5 – About Dr. Gil Mejia